About Us


STO LAB is a highly functional global business alliance and eco-system for conducting STO businesses. We called it a “lab” because STO industry is at its infancy stage and many best practices and regulations are yet to be defined. The industry is continuous evolving in high speed. While we want to stay flexible and not want to get on the “nerve” of the regulators, we like to use the concept of a lab, taking a pro-active approach, to drive the development in anyway where it is feasible, without waiting. We will register the entity in Hong Kong, and roll out globally.

Further to recent market development of crowdfunding and fund raising through utility token offerings, security tokens are steadily being developed to bridge the crypto and capital market worlds. This new aspect of fintech is made possible by blockchain technology, which creates new use-cases for traditional asset classes including equity, debt and more, and security tokens that are compliant with existent security regulations can be traded in more efficient and effective ways.

As the digital revolution takes shape and tokenization on blockchain has become a steady trend since 2016, there is a need to rapidly navigate through changing business environments. In 2017, the concept of STOs was pioneered as 2 STOs raised around USD 22 million and in 2018, STO figures grew exponentially to 28 and USD 442 million in volume and in 2019 and 2020, further growth is expected, as the adaption of this funding method will increase. STOs are becoming fully regulated across the globe and there is a need for the corresponding infrastructure to “level up” for entering the crypto space.

Global Network Map